Data. Driven. Decisions.

Ultra-high quality under 65 health insurance leads driven by data

For over ten years, we’ve continually pushed the boundaries of quality health insurance leads and calls to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes! We pride ourselves on our data, which saves time while accurately calculating opportunity cost, creating better decisions faster — from top to bottom.

One conversation with the best possible results

The right conversation typically leads to the right kind of results. At Keystone Interactive we’ve been blue, green, and everywhere in between. We understand where you’re at, where you’re heading, why — and most importantly — HOW!
We can help you get there.

Real-Time Data

Our data is generated in real-time through premium searches and pay-per-click traffic. Persistently targeting consumers who are actively seeking health insurance and are ready to make a purchasing decision.
Better data is key. Right, Stone? Stone?!

Live Transfers + Inbound

Our live transfer and inbound call services connect clients with active “real-time” consumers. Experienced call center professionals work round-the-clock to ensure a seamless customer experience. Delivering high-quality leads and calls DIRECTLY to our clients. It’s time to get rockin’!

Lets get the conversation going!